After the release of Ben Drake’s solo project  ‘Repercussions’ in 2012, The Ben Drake Collective were formed to record follow up album, ‘Rise Of The Little Big Things’.

This album was launched at Club 85 in 2014, producing a No.1 single on Reverbnation and some favourable reviews on many local radio stations.

Keeping the collective wheels turning 2 EP’s (Still Alive and the Forever EP) came out soon after, getting some great reviews from Buzzed Magazine and Balstock Promotions, before 3rd album ‘Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying’, the biggest project yet with 17 musicians involved in the recording sessions, was released in 2019.

Soon after the band was stripped down for the next LP.  ‘AfterGlow’ was released at the end of the same year exploring a more pop feel than get busy living’s blues driven style.

With 6 releases now under their belt, a 3rd EP is currently in production, alongside a new project/band called ‘The Fearists’ (once again exploring a different genre that Ben feels “would not sit right in the collective”) and collaborations with other artists , the current climate has not slowed down the creativity. If anything, it’s turned up to 11…

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Recorded primarily at London Road Studios in Baldock, England, AfterGlow was released in December of 2019. The album has produced 3 number one singles on Reverbnation, with the songs 'AfterGlow', 'Let There Be Light' and [...]


So while we are stuck in lockdown the wheels have kept turning on the songwriting front. If anything they have gone into overdrive with not much else to do. Due to the collective not being [...]


“I just listened to it and said to myself, “Man, I really love this album.” Still, today, it just sounds so fresh. It sounds full of ideas. These guys knew what they were doing. They’re good. And they’re inventive. I haven’t heard anything this year that’s as inventive. I don’t really expect to.”

The Anxious Truth

Drew Linsalata is the creator and host of The Anxious Truth, an anxiety podcast that’s been in full swing since 2015. With over 500,000 downloads, The Anxious Truth has spawned a large, vibrant and engaged community of amazing humans supporting, inspiring, encouraging and empowering each other to overcome anxiety and fear. The podcast uses the song ‘AfterGlow’ as the intro music as the song was inspired by Ben’s own dealings with an anxiety disorder, and with Drew’s help, his recovery. The line ‘somebody told me that you do or die’ is a direct reference to Drew’s no nonsense, tough love teachings that have been proved successful time and time again.

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