After agreeing to become an ambassador for the PFTrust, I was a little nervous as to my role and responsibilities.  However, I knew it was something I had to do for Dad but I didn’t imagine that It would open up a whole new world of understanding of this disease and just how many people have been affected in such a variety of ways, nor did I ever imagine that I would get to communicate with those sufferers who have such amazing stories to tell, as well as being incredible inspriations in their endevours to bring awareness to this crippling condition.  

One such person is Mike Olsen. He was diagnosed with IPF in 2014.  Five years later,  Mike received a double lung transplant, and now continues to raise awareness of the condition all over America.  He has been most notably prolific in his hometown of Kentucky whereby he appears on billboards, gives interviews to radio and TV stations and has sung on stage with actor Dennis Quaid!  Mike was also invited to the White House to discuss with the President ways to move forward in bringing about awareness.

After hearing Dad’s story, and all we are doing in the UK to raise the profile of Pulmonary Fibrosis, Mike and I quickly realised that we are both heading for the same goal – to one day have a cure for this devastating condition . Consequently, we have decided to team up and help each other with spreading the word in both countries

Check out some of Mike’s amazing story here…

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and a link to The Pulmonary Fibrosis Honour wall in remembrance of those we have lost to this cruel disease