So while we are stuck in lockdown the wheels have kept turning on the songwriting front. If anything they have gone into overdrive with not much else to do. Due to the collective not being able to physically meet up I decided to form a sideline project, experimenting with genres that wouldn’t necessarily suit the BDC style and thus ‘THE FEARISTS’ was born. \

New song ‘These Days’ was written as a response to the pandemic and the state that Covid 19 has left many, stuck inside our homes trying to follow rules that continue to change, often contradicting what had previously been imposed on us! But ultimately at its core, it’s a song about hope, that soon ‘These Days’ will be a distant memory and life will return to normal (what ever that means)

Check out the official Youtube video


Here’s the Spotify link so you can add the song to any playlists if you want to help us out!


Here’s a recent interview with Discover TV talking about the new project